Welcome. I am Tomas Wittelsbach.

And I am here to get ZBrush into your jewelry design and production pipelines.

This the home base for my ZBrush for Jewelry Workshop Series. 

The class is currently closed. 

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Import, Alter, and Iterate

Give new life to your old CAD models by quickly updating your designs with powerful modeling tools.

Expanded Design Possibilities

Bring the artist's touch back into your production pipeline with organic modeling.

Cutting Edge Workflows

Seamlessly incorporate scanned data and effortless pathways to printing. 

These are some examples of student work from past classes. 

"Tomas is truly one of the pioneers in applying ZBrush to jewellery design, and an extremely talented artist. If you’re interesting in understanding how to leverage the power of Zbrush in your work, I cannot think of a better person from whom to learn."

Jack du Rose

"While there are others who teach the mechanics of ZBrush, Tomas’ forte lies in combining the mechanics with the heart behind pieces created- helping each individual apply the technical to achieve their design style. I look forward to more classes with him."

Andrea "Annie" Koenig
Designer of Annie K Jewelry, Saul Bell and MJSA Vision Award Winner

"Tomas was the most brilliant tutor - very open, honest and 'real', and keen to see others succeed and thrive. Need I mention how fantastic he is at what he does? I don't think I do."

Brooke Dibble
Costume Sculpting, Malificent, The Flash, and Wonder Woman

"When I think of ZBrush, I immediately think of Tomas' work. After taking his class, I was able to come back to work and produce several pieces that I would not have been able to do in our other modeling software. I look forward to taking more classes in the future."

David Hykes
Custom CAD. Designer, Jewel Craft Inc.

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